Jewellery and accessories made out of dog, cat and other animal´s wool & hair

Absolutely one of a kind – maybe the most unique jewellery and accessories of the world!
Made out of wool and hair of your dog and your cat (or rabbit, horse, donkey, pony, lama and other animals). I will create a very special unique piece with a creative reference to the individual animal:
your beloved pet!

Pay more attention to the wool and hair of your dog or cat which is already brushed out.
I will cover your personal affections and I will talk it over with you what can be made out of the material you have or which you already sent.

Because of this extremely uniques you will be sure to get some curious and amazed looks from your friends and other dog and cat lovers, and you´ll have your beloved pet always very close with you – for ever.

What could be created?

- Colliers/Necklaces
- Bracelets
- Earrings/Studs
- Key chains
- Rearview mirror
- Medaillons
- Rings
- Heart chains
- Brooches
- Pockets for your cell phone
or tablet PC
- Pillows
- Hair Accesoires / Jewellery
- Bags
- Felt scarves
- and a lot more...

Dog without wool

Do you have a special wish? Please ask me, I would be more than happy to hear from you!!

Prices – please click here

Your dog or cat or your other beloved pet has no wool in it´s coat? No problem!

Even dog owners with dogs without wool and only short „hair“ can realize their dream of jewellery made out of the hair out of their darling. Please talk to me!!

You will be surprised and excited, when you see the little „hairy artworks“, which will be developed by your personal wishes and the fashion you prefer. You as the one who carries this artwork will be happy every and every day with your pet so close to you..

Doggy smell / dirty coat, wool or hair...

The individual smell of the wool from eyery animal will not be so important. The coat/wool or hair will be cleaned and washed only with natural soaps, because I only use natural products!

Most of the longhair cats for instance Persian Cats or the Norwegian Forest Cat and many other breeds own a very nice and thick wool by nature. But from short and basic cat hair it is possible to create very nice jewellery & accessories. Jewellery made out of cat wool & hair is even a lot more smoother and softer as jewellery out of dog wool and hair.